Rapport fra Villa Casdagli

Rapport fra Dr. Joris Kila om de nylige ødelæggelser og plyndringer af Villa Casdagli i Cairo, Egypten.

“Apparently the villa was burned on Friday February 1st, and not until the early hours of Saturday morning (2nd) was the fire put out by the Cairo fire department. The Midan Simon Bolivar is very close to the Tahrir Square. It was reported that later several adolescents set fire again in the interior of the villa, and they were chased away by casual passer-by’s. According to the message of Dr. Lacovara dated 4 February 2013 the fire department had been able to get to the fire only through actions by the security forces to clear the square, for demonstrators were doing everything possible to stop the fire department from putting out this fire.”

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